With its mild flavor and health benefits, tofu has long been the old standby for adding texture, protein, and substance to plant-based meals. But tempeh, tofu’s nuttier younger sibling, is the dark horse of the vegan diet. You may know this traditional Indonesian favorite from a few of our tastiest menu items, like the Ziggy Burger or the HipCity Breakfast Sandwich. It’s especially delicious with our special sauce.

So what the heck is this superfood? Well, like tofu, it’s made from soy. But while tofu is made from soy milk, tempeh is made by fermenting soybeans, dehulling them, and pressing them into a mold. Because it’s made from whole beans, tempeh requires less processing and retains an uber-high level of protein that rivals even meat. Not to mention the fact that it’s rich in iron and a great source of fiber.

Believe it or not, the benefits don’t stop there. Aside from being chock-fulla’ nutrients, tempeh works much like probiotic yogurt, aiding the digestive system and keeping things in working order. Eating tempeh has also been known to reduce cholesterol, rebuild bone density, and promote muscle recovery. And of course, since it’s often used in place of meat, it’s much easier on the environment and super-sustainable.


What we’re saying is, tempeh is a real overachiever. A health hero. A plant-based prodigy. Along with tofu, it’s an integral part of a well-rounded vegan diet, and we’re proud to have it on our menu. Get a taste at HipCityVeg—it’s waiting patiently for hungry plant-lovers every day.

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