We’re all about being our #BestSelf in 2017. To us, that means focusing on being fresh inside and out. That’s why we’re updating our in-store look and re-focusing our company’s mission to support more sustainable content and practices.

But we’re also inspired every day by you, our loyal customers. That’s why we want to hear how you’re making the most out of this year. We’re not talking resolutions here. There’s no definition of what it means to be your #BestSelf, and no deadlines. Whether it’s finding time during the day to read, choosing healthier snacks, starting a business, or studying to get into your dream school – we support you and your ambitions. Share the steps you’re taking to be your #BestSelf with us on social media to inspire us, and we’ll do the same. We’re all in this together!

Need some ideas? Start off simple with some of our favorites:

  • Ditch the car and walk or bike to work or school. Reduce your carbon footprint while getting in some exercise—win-win!
  • Make time for your notebook. Find a few minutes each day to write down some thoughts or sketch a few designs.
  • Drink more water! Carry around a reusable bottle with you all day and you’ll be more hydrated and healthy in no time.

No matter how you’re working toward your #BestSelf, make sure to treat yourself in the process, too! Nothing beats a delicious meal that’s good for you – in fact, it’s another way to feel great while accomplishing your goals. Go ahead, reward yourself with a Ziggy Burger and seasonal milkshake (we hear Mint Matcha Madness is pretty good 😉).

How are you going to reach your goals? Share your journey with us on social media – tag @hipcityveg and join us in being your #BestSelf!

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