Vegan and Vegetarian Food Kosher Certified!

HipCityVeg is committed to serving food that works for everyone. We consider dietary restrictions, preferences, and allergies while maintaining a 100% plant-based menu. All HipCityVeg…

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Say Hello to HipCityVeg Catering: For the Earth-Friendly Party

Now that winter is fast approaching and the days are getting shorter, it’s time to find a new way to brighten up your next birthday…

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Get Your Mind (And Body) Right: Back to School Wellness Tips

We all know the back-to-school struggle. You’re short on time, high on stress, & feeling like you’ve lost focus on your physical and mental health….

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Say Hey to Tempeh

With its mild flavor and health benefits, tofu has long been the old standby for adding texture, protein, and substance to plant-based meals. But tempeh,…

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