Get to Know Franklin & Whitman

This February, we’re proud to partner up with Franklin & Whitman, the face of a luxurious personal hygiene brand that specializes in the pampering of…

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Veggin’ Out: Fall/Winter CSA Programs

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are getting redder, and the crops are ripe for harvest—right here in Philadelphia! At HipCityVeg, we source locally…

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Peanut Butter Us Up: New September Shake

Since we love sweet talk so much, we’ve added a little something special to our menu. In our humble (and totally accurate) opinion, peanut butter…

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Get Ziggy With It: The Difference One Vegan Meal Can Make

We’re all about that plant-based life. Not only is it great for your health, but the environmental benefits to choosing just one plant-based meal over…

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Say Hey to Tempeh

With its mild flavor and health benefits, tofu has long been the old standby for adding texture, protein, and substance to plant-based meals. But tempeh,…

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