Get Ziggy With It: The Difference One Vegan Meal Can Make

We’re all about that plant-based life. Not only is it great for your health, but the environmental benefits to choosing just one plant-based meal over a meat-based one are immeasurable. So, whether you live the vegan lifestyle or treat yourself to HipCityVeg every once in awhile, you can feel good knowing you’re doing good.

Did you know that if everyone in the US skipped just one chicken meal a week, and ate vegetarian/vegan food instead, the savings of carbon dioxide pollution would be the same as taking half a million cars off the roads? Additionally, it takes about 13 pounds of grain to produce a quarter-pound hamburger – grain that could be feeding people. Crazy, right?

In comparison, our Ziggy Burger and Disco Chick’n Sandwich are made with 100% organic non-GMO soy ingredients and topped with organic smoked tempeh and their own special sauces. On top of that, all of our food products are sourced locally whenever possible. Truly enjoy the these meals knowing how much care and thought goes into every one. And hey, reducing your carbon footprint isn’t too shabby either.

We won’t ask you to go completely vegan. But how about eating plant-based once a week? We know it might sound daunting, but we’re here to help! Our mission is to help the planet by bringing you delicious and sustainable plant-based meals. And we work hard to make sure you never have to sacrifice heartiness for healthiness.

So, whaddya say? Why don’t you join us in saving the planet – one sandwich at a time?

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