2017: The Year of Our #BestSelf

As 2017 rolls in, HipCityVeg is more psyched than ever about our mantra to be our #BestSelf. We woke up on January 1st feeling refreshed, revived, and ready to live our goal to the fullest. Here’s what we’re doing to be our #BestSelf in the new year.

Steppin’ Up Our Mission

Anyone who knows HipCity knows that we’re all about the plant-based ingredients and compostable materials. It’s our mission to serve a delicious, plant-based menu to millions of people everywhere. This year, we’re stepping up our mission both in our content and in practice, to be true to our vision and help you be your #BestSelf. For one, we’ll be talking more about living sustainably, eating clean, and plant-based benefits on our social media, email blasts, and blogs. We’ve already started introducing a new breakfast menu, so you can get those plant-based benefits for the most important meal of the day, and we’ve got plans to keep expanding our locations in the coming year.

Meet The BFG

To quote one of our fave authors, Joel Furhman of Eat to Live, “To become healthy, disease-resistant, and permanently thin, you can’t escape the necessity of eating large amounts of nutrient-rich, healthy food.” We’re making it easy by blending our fruit and greens into a revamped green smoothie. Let us make a formal introduction: this jolly green fella has been dubbed “The BFG” (Blended Fruits & Greens), and has that refreshing, organic, leafy-green, apple-banana-seasonal fruit thing going on.

Each BFG is packed with 190-210 nutrient-dense calories, loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Every sip wakes up your body and is served in an entirely compostable cup, just like all our packaging. It’s a big step in our plan to better the planet and become our #BestSelf.

New Look for New Digs

Of course, being our #BestSelf also means looking our best. By now, you’ve probably heard all about our newest location that opened on 121 S Broad St. You may have paid it a visit and noticed that it has a spunky new look, same as HipCityVeg Chinatown in DC. Good eye—we’re giving our restaurants a little facelift to match our new online presence. Keep tabs on our other locations in 2017 as they follow suit with new decor and a fresh, funky atmosphere.

It’s looking like we’ve got a busy year ahead. How will you be your #BestSelf in 2017?

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