Winter Watching: Dive into Documentaries

It’s getting cold outside, but here at HipCityVeg, we keep it warm with healthy, happy food! We’re all about a plant–based life for happy minds, happy bodies and a happy planet. We’ve put together some of the documentaries that continue to inspire us to up our sustainability game.

Snuggle into some winter watching for a guilt–free holiday season!

In Defense of Food (2015)
Michael Pollan

“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Renowned author Michael Pollan traces the development of modern food around the world. It’s not about vitamins, minerals, a magic pill—it’s about enjoying yourself with real food.

Food Matters (2008)
James Colquhoun and Carlo Ledesma

Food is medicine—we’ve known that since ancient times. Why are we never prescribed green smoothies? The mass–produced food of today lacks nutrition, and pharmaceuticals line the pockets of the “sickness industry.” Supercharging diets with wholesome, healthy food can treat, and even cure, many modern diseases.

King Corn (2007)
Aaron Woolf

Corn is everywhere—even in your hair! This Peabody–award winning documentary follows two college friends as they grow their own acre of corn and push it to market. Interviews with farmers, investors, and our friend Michael Pollan expose the impact of excessive corn production on agriculture, the economy, and ultimately our health.

Fed Up (2014)
Stephanie Soechtig

Need some outrage to change the way you eat? Fed Up examines the dubious relationship between the government, the food industry, and ultimately school lunches. Make informed eating choices and be the change you want to see!

Earthlings (2005)
Shaun Monson

Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, this harrowing look into animal-driven industries is as eye–opening as it is difficult to watch. Pets, food, clothes, entertainment, scientific research—hidden cameras unflinchingly unveil our exploitation of animals, imploring awareness and respect for our fellow earth-dwellers.

Who Killed the Honey Bee? (2009)
James Erskine

This BBC documentary focuses on the pollinators that sustain all plant life. Even back in 2009, bee colonies across the world were in peril. Pesticides, plague, malnutrition from factory farming? Something’s gotta give—that’s why we source locally whenever possible.

Live and Let Live (2013)
Marc Pierschel
Ready to go full veg? Explore the history of veganism and our relationship to animals, along with stories of people who moved to veganism, from an animal rights activist to a butcher!


Now you can see why we love our locally-sourced, organic plants. Join us on our journey to being the most sustainable we can be! Looking to curl up with a book instead? Check out the reading materials that have inspired us—add them to your wishlist or gift them to a friend this holiday season.

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