Spooky Shake Contest: Our Top Five

Big thanks to everyone who participated in our Spooky Shake Contest this month! We had a scary fun time scrolling through all of your jack-o-lantern designs. As much as we’d love be the Oprah of shakes, there can only be one winner. Here are our top five #HipCityHalloween entries, including the overall contest winner:

#5 pick: This strong, independent shake by @laurenmaithl

#4 pick: This Jack Skellington-inspired jack-o-lantern by @apoptosis_necrosis

#3 pick: This accurately-colored entry that actually made us scream by @laurenilovecats

#2 pick: This naughty, but nice rendition by @mcnamaragram

And the winner is (drum roll please)…

Our #1 fave entry in this year’s Pumpkin Shake Contest is this dynamic duo that leveled-up on the competition by @lenstarzstudioz

Thanks again to all who entered and a big congrats to our winner, @lenastarzstudioz. As promised, you’ll be receiving free milkshakes for an entire month (we’ll DM you with the deets). Looks like someone’s November just got a little sweeter!


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