The days are getting shorter, the leaves are getting redder, and the crops are ripe for harvest—right here in Philadelphia! At HipCityVeg, we source locally whenever possible, for the environment, for the community, and for taste. You can get in on the action in your own kitchen by joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. What’s a CSA, you ask? It’s a subscription to a local farm where you got a box of their goods. Cut out the middleman and get to know your food by directly partnering with local farmers—seasonal produce picked just for you. Register alone or with some friends, and get farm fresh foods delivered right to your neighborhood!

Here are some of our favorite CSAs of the season:

Red Earth Farm, Kempton
No pesticides, no problem. Red Earth Farm offers a weekly subscription service with your choice of six items. Order online and pick up at a variety of Philly neighborhoods and suburbs. Register now for six weeks of delicious hauls!

Taproot Farm, Berks County
Certified organic and family–owned, Taproot Farm provides weekly recipes to go along with your shares. Sign up by the third week of November for 12 weeks of seasonal deliciousness!

Greensgrow, Philadelphia
With their own farm right in the heart of Philly, Greensgrow sources produce from a network of farmers in the area. That means no more trips to the grocery store. No more trips to the grocery store—Greensgrow makes sure each share has an assortment of crops for myriad meals. Sign up by Nov. 17th farm fresh produce biweekly through April.

Landisdale Farm, Lebanon Valley
Landisdale Farm was organic before it was cool. With nearly 20 years under their belt, Landisdale Farm is well–known for their sustainable farming practices. Sign up by Dec. 6 for healthy veggies other week until March.

Philly Foodworks, various farms surrounding Philadelphia
Flexibility is the name of the game—no commitment necessary. You can shop a la carte online, or subscribe for a season. With a home delivery option, rewards for frequent shoppers, and partnerships with local food pantries, it’s a wonder you’re not signed up, already!

Come join the farm fam with us!

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