Trendy Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Philadelphia

With Philly’s booming plant-based food scene, these restaurants are sure to satisfy all your vegan cravings.

Vegans and vegetarians will feel right at home in Philadelphia as the plant-based food scene sweeps the city with indulgent and flavorful meals that will ensure you don’t miss the meat. Whether you’re craving a classic dish, a quick bite, an eccentric fusion of flavors, or an upscale dining experience, Philadelphia has it all for vegans and vegetarians.

Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Philly


    • Cuisine: 100% Plant-Based Fast Casual Food, plant-based American classics like vegan nuggets, shakes, burgers, shakes, salads, and sandwiches.
    • Popular dishes:
      • Smokehouse Burger: Beyond Meat®, crispy onions, tangy BBQ,& smoked gouda cheese
      • Crispy HipCity Ranch: battered chick’n, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle,& peppercorn ranch
      • Jerk Caesar Salad: grilled jerk chick’n, organic romaine, jicama, crispy plantains, & creamy caesar dressing
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    • Address: various locations in Philadelphia, Philadelphia suburbs, The Main Line, and Washington, D.C.
    • Hours: vary by location
    • Website:
    • Like on Facebook or follow on Twitter and Instagram @hipcityveg
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For that fast food craving or quick pick-me-up, HipCityVeg has an impressive range of menu items from sandwiches, burgers, nuggets, salads, shakes, and more. Nicole Marquis founded HipCityVeg in 2012 to bring delicious vegan food to the world by presenting it in a form that people already loved. She created a fast food-inspired menu with fresh, often local and organic ingredients that helps you treat your body and the planet well. HipCityVeg is committed to embracing healthy bodies, a healthy planet, and compassion for all living things by bringing delicious vegan food to two U.S. cities.

Due to its enormous popularity in Philly’s urban locations such as Rittenhouse Square, South Philly, and University City, HipCityVeg has opened new locations in the Philadelphia suburbs and Washington D.C. as a means of spreading HipCityVeg’s lifestyle and philosophy while bringing delicious vegan food to as many people as possible. Staying true to its Philadelphia roots, HipCityVeg offers a vegan Philly cheesesteak that lifelong Philadelphians are guaranteed to give a thumbs up to. If you’re looking for a lighter bite to eat, HipCityVeg also offers nuggets, sweet potato fries, and various salads like the Arugula Taco and Udon Noodle. The only way to make the food any better is to top it off with a shake, green smoothie, or banana whip! 

Bar Bombón

    • Cuisine: Vegan Latin American Bar Bites
    • Popular dishes:
      • Spanish Meatballs: Romesco, mojo verde, herb grilled bread
      • Cubano Club Slider: Blackened chick’n, smoked tempeh, avocado, dill pickles, lettuce, tomato, grain mustard aioli
      • Traditional Tacos: Sazon spiced ground ‘beef ’, cumin crema, avocado, white onion, cilantro, corn tortilla
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Building on Old San Juan roots, Bar Bombón brings new Latin flavors to Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. From midday to late night, café to cocktails, cocina to corazón, all vegan restaurant dishes are good for heart and soul. Bar Bombón takes authentic Puerto Rican recipes and adds a twist (not just of lime). Made-to-order fresh, plant-based meals satisfy temptations in a healthy way. All of the dishes are made with plant-based ingredients and proteins with non-GMO soy and organic grains. 

True brunchers know that brunch is a way of life. That’s why Bar Bombón serves it every day of the week starting at 11am. Strawberries & Cream French Toast, Chocolate Banana Pancakes, and Breakfast Yucca with red peppers and onions are just a few of the things you can order for brunch at Bar Bombón. Inspired by Marquis’ Puerto Rican heritage, Bar Bombón serves authentic Latin dishes, prepared 100% plant-based so everyone can indulge.

Charlie was a sinner.

    • Cuisine: Vegan Small Plates and Cocktails
    • Popular dishes:
      • Roasted Cauliflower Steak: curry spiced treasure rice, white almond puree
      • Buccatini & Meatballs: fra diavolo, basil
      • Wild Mushroom Risotto: shiitake, royal trumpet, crispy maitake, english peas .
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    • Location: 131 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
    • Hours: 
      • Mon.-Fri. 3-9PM
      • Sat.-Sun.: 12-9PM
    • Website:
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    • Like on Facebook or follow on Twitter and Instagram @charlie_was

A dynamic take on cocktails and bar food, with small plates and strong drinks, Charlie was a sinner. incorporates plant-based ingredients into their innovative menu. The antique and vibrant decor sets the dark, sexy mood for people to enjoy their crafted cocktails and creative vegan plates in Philadelphia’s Midtown Village neighborhood. Charlie was a sinner. promises peculiar libations and plant-based sustenance to the people of Philadelphia in a cozy neighborhood bar setting. Whether you’re an out-of-town guest looking for a fun night out, or a local with a passion for exploring Philadelphia’s vegan bar scene, Charlie was a sinner. is sure to impress any crowd with its incredible array of offerings. It’s the ideal place to get your vegan food fix in Philly at the best cocktail bar in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Food Scene

Philly is well-known for its history, culture of ‘brotherly love’, and most importantly, boasting some of the best food around with its signature Philly cheesesteak, and there’s even a vegan version. The city makes sure to include vegans and vegetarians in its iconic food culture by offering some of the trendiest plant-based restaurant concepts. 

Years ago, Philadelphia’s vegan and vegetarian food scene was nonexistent in comparison to where it is today. Philly’s restaurants offered few vegan options and hardly any completely plant-based menus even existed. But thanks to Philly’s courageous restaurateurs and the rise of veganism in mainstream culture, Philadelphia would soon see its day in the rankings of popular cities for vegans and vegetarians. Philadelphia is already established as a foodie city, but in recent years, it’s become a vegan capital in the U.S. as well.

Today, Philly’s vegan restaurants draw in tourists, while also allowing locals to adapt plant-based food into their lifestyles, or to enjoy on occasion, by making vegan dining accessible and desirable.

With a need for plant-based options in Philly that were both delicious and nourishing, successful vegan entrepreneur Nicole Marquis, founder of Marquis & Co restaurants, saw a way to bring bold restaurant concepts with mouthwatering flavors to Philadelphia’s hottest neighborhoods. These plant-based restaurants bring a wide variety of food options to the city that anyone could find satisfying.

Whether you’re looking for burgers, cheesesteaks, meatballs, shakes, salads, or empanadas, check out some of these delicious vegan restaurants in Philadelphia that will cure any craving. These are among Philly’s best vegan restaurants, and in fact, some of the top restaurants in Philadelphia for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who craves a creative and satisfying meal that is good for you and the planet. 

Surprising to some, the cheesesteak capital has vegan and vegetarian restaurants popping up all over its urban and suburban neighborhoods. But with Philadelphia’s ever-evolving culture, it’s easy to understand why people are adept at trying new things the city has to offer. Philadelphians have welcomed vegan and vegetarian restaurants with open arms, allowing the city a competitive hand in the plant-based food scene.

These restaurants have given the people of Philly a new wave of food to not only rave about, but also to incorporate into their lifestyle choices. Marquis’ creative entrepreneurial ideas have allowed people in the Philadelphia area to find the perfect balance between healthy and tasty when looking for dining out options. Whether you’re in need of a quick indulgence with a box of golden nuggets from HipCityVeg, a classy night on the town with a glass of champagne and some artichoke frites from Charlie was a sinner., or a spicy dish with a twist like the nachos from Bar Bombón, Philly is sure to offer some of the best vegan and vegetarian food in the game.

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