Our 7 Best Vegan Vegan Brands

This Small Business Saturday, we’re highlighting vendors & artisans that are going all-in on the power of sustainability. Whether it’s saving our waterways, sourcing ethically, or staying cruelty-free, each individual act of good can help create a collectively better world.


Our Sustainable Gift Guide

The Somm Collection by Analog Watch Co.

Who they are: A watch company focused on handcrafted timepieces & accessories using wood, marble, flowers, & other natural materials.

Why they’re amazing: Inspired by wine, their Somm Collection bands are vegan and made with all-natural cork fabric. They are partnered with the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance, and for every watch sold an Oak Cork Tree is planted.



Recycled Mask Bowl Kit by Franklin & Whitman

Who they are: An all-natural skin care, hair care, men’s grooming, & pet company for the modern lifestyle.

Why they’re amazing: The Recycled Mask Bowl Kit includes a handcrafted and functional glass bowl that’s made from used, mass-produced bottles.



Circ Hoops by Bario Neal

Who they are: An ethical custom jewelry designer that creates handmade rings with conflict-free diamonds and other gemstones.

Why they’re amazing: Any diamonds they source are recycled, meaning they are pulled from antique pieces, re-polished, regraded, & made new again. It’s the most environmentally friendly way to source a diamond.



The Paddle Away Water Bottle by United By Blue

Who they are: An outdoor brand focused on ocean conservation.

Why they’re amazing: For every product sold, they remove 1 pound of trash from our world’s oceans and waterways. The Paddle Away Water Bottle is an eco friendly replacement for disposable cups.



Charcoal Deodorant by Piper Wai

Who they are: An activated charcoal deodorant that works naturally.

Why they’re amazing: Their natural, chemical-free deodorant is packaged using reusable glass jars, or made with as little recyclable plastic as possible.



Plan Tea Set + Grimm’s Rainbow by Little Moon + Arrow

Who they are: A socially responsible shop specializing in handmade, eco-friendly toys and clothing for children.

Why they’re amazing: They pride themselves on sourcing high-quality goods from artisans and small family businesses. These wooden toys are non-toxic, sustainable, & inspire imaginative play.



Marlowe Lunch Bag by Peg and Awl

Who they are: A family owned company making handmade objects for everyday living.

Why they’re amazing: Their Marlowe Lunch Bag is made from canvas. It’s a nod to transforming the throwaway mentality, while sharing their love for classic objects like the brown lunch bag.



Stop in to any of our locations to pick up a copy of our sustainable gift guide for yourself, and wrap a gift or two in Lauren Cat West‘s beautiful cover art! The holidays are about sharing in the generosity of the human spirit. This season, we are inspired to treat the planet with a little more kindness by embracing a plant-based and sustainable holiday. We’re hoping you join us in our effort to be a little more conscious!




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