Shake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Rise and shine! HipCityVeg is shaking it up again and all your caffeine dreams are about to come true.

We know you can’t live without your coffee…or your chocolate…or your HipCity, so this July and August, we’re bringing you all three at once with our Cold Brew Mocha Shake. It’s the perfect triple threat — if we do say so ourselves.


Made with organic soy ice cream, cocoa powder, and La Colombe cold brew, our Cold Brew Mocha Shake is refreshingly simple yet deliciously rich and complex. In fact, it’s so complex and versatile that you may currently be asking yourself, when can I enjoy this delightful frozen treat?

We would like to answer your question with a question: when can’t you?

Drink it before you go-go to work, before you go-go to school, or before you go-go anywhere! Whatever time it is, the Cold Brew Mocha Shake is sure to cool you down and pump you up.

And if you’re still having hang-ups about drinking a “shake” for breakfast, we would encourage you to #TreatYoSelf as we often do, and also remind you that this “shake” is made from organic soybeans, cocoa beans, and coffee beans. And beans are healthy, right? You know what, it doesn’t even matter — it’s summer! There are no rules.

So now that we’ve solved that, we suggest you stop by as soon as possible for your first Cold Brew Mocha Shake. Summer won’t last forever, and we know you’ll be back for more. Just remember to capture your summer memories with a #ShakeSelfie!

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