New Gluten-Free Burger Hits The Menu

We Teamed Up with 19-Year-Old Cookbook Author Haile Thomas To Launch New Gluten-Free Burger

In this time of activism and increased need, HipCityVeg is introducing a new menu item with a mission: Feeding families impacted by the pandemic.

HipCityVeg and Haile Thomas, vegan activist and cookbook author, have teamed up to create HipCityVeg’s first gluten-free burger, the Oh Maitake Beyond Burger.  The mega burger will be available in all HipCityVeg stores on November 12th, 2020, and it has a mega mission: feeding families that could use a helping hand.

One dollar from the sale of each burger through the end of 2020 will help HipCityVeg and Support + Feed deliver plant-based meals to families in Philadelphia and DC who have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.


    (Additional donations can be made here.)    


Haile Thomas rose to prominence at age 12, when she created a non-profit organization to empower and educate youth in underserved communities, and to address their need for affordable plant-based nutrition and wellness education. She is also the author of the new plant-based cookbook, Living Lively.


Marquis and Thomas both became vegan in part because their dads developed Type II diabetes. Their experiences helping their fathers heal with a healthier plant-based diet launched both of their careers and fueled their missions to make it easy to help millions of others make the shift.


Support + Feed is an organization created in response to the pandemic and the growing issue of food insecurity in BIPOC communities by vegan climate activist Maggie Baird, who is the mother of Billie Eilish and FINNEAS.

Try the New Gluten-Free Oh Maitake Beyond Burger. 


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