Four Easy Vegan Food Swaps

Thinking of going vegan? Or, are you looking to make small diet and lifestyle changes that are better for your body and the planet? The good news is, you do not have to miss your favorite snacks and foods when you eat plant-based.

One of the easiest ways to start going vegan, according to HipCityVeg Founder and CEO, Nicole Marquis, is by swapping in vegan versions of your favorite foods, like milk, butter, chicken, cheese, and beef.

Here are 4 easy food swaps that make going vegan easy and oh-so-delicious.

Use almond milk instead of cow’s milk

It’s no wonder Almond Milk has become popular even among non-vegans: This milk substitute tends to be low in calories and sugar, while also acting as a great source of calcium. Not to mention, it’s creamy and tastes great. If you don’t eat nuts, try oat milk instead, which is one of the most sustainable types of dairy free milks. Try almond or oat milk in these items for to kickstart your journey to veganism:

  • Coffee
  • Smoothies
  • Cereal
  • Overnight Oats

Swap out butter and use avocado

If you find yourself missing a creamy and spreadable topper, this is the swap for you! Avocados have a similar smooth texture, and pair well with many other foods. It also adds healthy fats and fiber to your diet. Try ditching butter for avocado with the following:

  • Toast
  • Crackers & Spread
  • Baking

Use tofu Instead of chicken

Here me out – tofu may sound icky to some, but when prepared correctly, tofu can taste similar to chicken, and is also a great source of protein with all nine essential amino acids! Play around with tofu (here’s a method you might like!) in the kitchen as a replacement for chicken in these meals:

Use portobello mushrooms in place of burgers

Thick and juicy – all of the qualities you look for in a burger. Only, this swap is vegan! Their spongey texture allows them to absorb all the flavors – it’s all about the prep! Next time you’re craving a burger, try out a portabella mushroom with your favorite fixings! You can marinate and grill or cook in a skillet for best results.

Deciding to lead a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up your go-to meals, it means finding even better ways to enjoy them. Making these easy swaps will have you wishing you made these changes a long time ago. Not only are they smart choices for your body and planet, but they’re equally delicious! Happy eating!

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