15 For Our Families

Investing in our Team by Raising the Minimum Wage at our Restaurants to $15

HipCityVeg is so proud to share the news that we are raising the minimum wage for our entire team to $15 starting in July, 2021. We believe this increase for our hard working team is both good for people, and good for business. Our sister restaurants, Bar Bombon and Charlie Was a Sinner, will also raise their minimum wages to $15 in July.

Despite the intense economic hardship that has hit the restaurant industry and our workers over the last year, we believe that now is the time to do this for our families. We believe it not only is the right thing to do for our workers that have been through so much over the past year, but that it is also good for business, and it will help with recruiting and retention as our economy rebounds,” said HipCityVeg Founder and CEO, Nicole Marquis.

The pandemic created so many hardships and challenges for our customers and team, especially for women and people of color. Compassion is a core value at HipCityVeg, and we are committed to supporting our team throughout the rest of the pandemic and beyond, and showing our gratitude for how they have supported us.

Raising the minimum wage is a step toward developing a more equitable society, and building the world we want to live in. We are also enthusiastic about providing our team members with careers, not just jobs. We believe that expanding our management team from within facilitates an environment for professional growth and achievement for our cherished team. In addition, we invest in our team by providing health benefits, retirement savings plans, and paid time off.

Helping the planet has multiple layers, and we believe in a strong foundation rooted in fairness and kindness. A fair wage and opportunities for growth and success are essential building blocks of that foundation. If you want to learn more about our Fifteen for our Families program, check out the links below!




$15 For our Families FAQ

What is $15 for our Families?

$15 for our Families, is HipCityVeg’s commitment to raising the starting minimum wage at our restaurants for our entire team to $15, starting in July of 2021. It is the next important step toward growing our company and culture, building the world we want to live in, and communicating through our actions how much we value our team and the people who helped us get through the past year, and continue to contribute to our success. We want our team, and their families, to continue to be part of our family.

Why did HipCityVeg raise the minimum starting wage at HipCityVeg to $15?

Going above and beyond, compassion, hard work, those are our core values, and we realized that right now more than ever is the time to invest in our team. Even though we’re just coming off of the worst time imaginable financially for restaurants, we believe this is not only is the right thing to do for our workers who have been through so much over the past year, and have seen us through so much, but that it is also good for business, and will help with recruiting and more importantly, retention.

We learned especially in the last year when we were all in the trenches together that our company is a team of leaders with the entrepreneurial mindsets that it took to get through the crisis, and that our people are our greatest asset, and we value them now more than ever.

We have plans for a lot of growth this year and over the next 3 –5 years, and we need the best and most committed people to take that ride with us, and we will all benefit by doing so.

What other benefits does HipCityVeg offer its team members?

We are proud of the benefits we offer to every team member at HipCityVeg, including:

  • $15 Minimum Starting Hourly Pay
  • Flexible Hours
  • Health, Medical and Dental Benefits
  • Paid Vacation and Sick Days
  • Meal Discounts for all employees
  • Unlimited Growth Opportunities
  • We offer Careers, not just gigs

What % of your workforce will this affect?

We have always been committed to the growth and development of our team at every level of our organization. We believe that when we treat our teams with respect and care, they reflect that right back to our customers.

This will affect more than half of HipCityVeg employees, who will get an immediate increase in hourly pay. This more than doubles both the federal minimum wage, and the Philadelphia minimum wage, but more importantly, it gives people who are looking to build a career a place to both start, and to grow. We also find that a lot of our team feel really good about being able to work for a company with a larger mission to make a positive impact on the planet and people, and that’s definitely the way of the future.

Will prices go up?

While this may add some costs in the short term, we believe there will be some significant savings in retention and reduced turnover.  We look at this as part of the costs that go into our pricing, just like we do with rent, food and everything else that we invest in.

We believe our people are our greatest asset, that this is a good investment for our company. With this move, we’re able to focus even more on offering careers rather than jobs, which is the key to our growth, and our employees’ growt

How can I apply to join the Team at HipCityVeg?

See all openings and apply here!





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