Changing the Food Game

We love burgers and fries as much as the next person, but we believe there's a better way out there.

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Life #goals

Living your best life? That doesn’t have to be hard. So we’re making choices that have a positive impact for all of us.

Here's Why

Our Sustainability Mission

No matter where your day takes you, what you eat should be a simple decision you can feel good about. That's where we come in: with plant-based ingredients, compostable materials, and delicious food. It's as easy as that.

It's Cool to be Chick'n

We love plants. Like, a lot. We use 100% organic non-GMO soy ingredients because it's better for the earth - and for you.

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Compost City

All of our packaging is entirely compostable - and we mean all of it. Gotta take care of our girl Mother Nature.

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Yeah, it's as good as it looks

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Ain’t No Party Like a HipCity Party

HipCityVeg throws a pretty sweet (and vegan) get together if you ask us. We’re not bragging – we’re just really excited to finally join the…

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