It Takes Two... make a shake this delicious. Our Chocolate Cherry seasonal shake is in stores now.


The Chick’n of Champions

We know victory, and it tastes like BBQ. Our new Wizard BBQ Chick’n is the perfect menu item to satisfy your game-time cravings - coming soon to our DC Location.

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New Digs on Broad

We’re expanding our plant-based lifestyle in the City of Brotherly Love. Check out our brand-new location at 121 S Broad.

Come On In

Good Morning, Philadelphia

You're about to become a morning person: the most important meal of the day has arrived at our new location on Broad Street.


Our Sustainability Mission

No matter where your day takes you, what you eat should be a simple decision you can feel good about. That's where we come in: with plant-based ingredients, compostable materials, and delicious food. It's as easy as that.

It's Cool to be Chick'n

We love plants. Like, a lot. We use 100% organic non-GMO soy ingredients because it's better for the earth - and for you.

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Compost City

All of our packaging is entirely compostable - and we mean all of it. Gotta take care of our girl Mother Nature.

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Yeah, it's as good as it looks

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Say Hey to Tempeh

With its mild flavor and health benefits, tofu has long been the old standby for adding texture, protein, and substance to plant-based meals. But tempeh,…

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