HipCityVeg® meets a need that exists almost everywhere for high quality food that is fresh and fast. Our food is 100% plant based. It tastes better and is more satisfying.

We try to be kind to the earth. We deliver on bicycle, we source locally, and all HipCityVeg® packaging is compostable. We compost kitchen scraps as well. Even our interior is made of recycled and energy-efficient materials.

In everything we do we will always try to do better. Getting better starts with what we put in our bodies; it extends to whether we live a life consistent with our principles. It’s all really one thing.

Our Food
The Design
Work Here
  • Fast, Fresh, Vegan

    When Nicole Marquis created HipCityVeg® she wanted food that was familiar yet different. She knew that plant-based foods have complex and vibrant flavors that combine synergistically without losing their identity. And she knew that if she presented those flavors in a format that people were familiar with and already liked, they would love it.

    She worked to come up with a novel, yet obvious design: fast-food inspired fresh vegan food: Burgers, Fries, Salads, Wraps, healthy drinks and desserts. There’s nothing elitist about it, no pretense. Yes, HipCityVeg® is about health and compassion for living things and the earth, but the food is about tasting good. It’s as simple as that.

    So if you haven’t checked us out yet, please do. There’s a Groothie® and some sweet potato fries with cilantro black bean dip calling your name.

  • 100% Plant Based

    We source local and organic ingredients whenever possible. What we take from the earth we try to give back.

    There are efficiencies in economies of scale, but there is also the potential for a lot of waste. We recycle our used oil. We recycle corrugated cardboard boxes, bottles and plastic, of course, but we feel a responsibility to do more.

    Although it costs us more, HipCityVeg® packaging-containers, cups, straws and even forks and knives are made of corn, which we then compost. Our packaging is not petroleum based. It is carbon-neutral to produce and takes up less space in landfills after it’s used.

    Our dauntless delivery guys travel by bicycle – from 4th Street to 24th Street. Even our laundry is washed in an environmentally friendly facility and delivered to us by bicycle. All of this may be risky from a business perspective, but it is part of why we’re here, so we’re going to make it happen.

  • Eco Modern

    Our design is clean and understated, with lots of natural light and a palette of fruit and flower colors. These colors are set against the rich grain of the floors made of re-milled oak beams from a salvaged schoolhouse. Our tables of salvaged I beams and 3Form recycled plastic unite industrial and post modern motifs, finally at home in the service of our natural, plant-based sustenance.

  • Join Our Team

    Our keys to success are derived from our holistic ethic. We employ a rigorous hiring and training process to attract and maintain inspired, diverse and quality people to our restaurant. We realize that our responsibility to care for the employees’ health, wellness and growth is linked to our desire to do the same for our guests.

    We empower our employees to be creative and initiate change, knowing management will support a culture of innovation. We know that service excellence and the integrity of our product will help create brand loyalty. Our model seeks to make employees stakeholders, limits food waste and utilizes energy efficiency as part of our business culture.

  • It starts with the food.